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The oldest part of the Hotel was built in 1890 when Davos began to develop as a winter resort . Davos  was a little alpine village until 1870 to 1910 when it developed into an alpine town with approximately 10.000 inhabitants.
The Hotel retains the name of the owners that led to the growth of the hotel. Since the early twentieth century Davos became a place not only for holidays but for healing respiratory diseases due to its alpine climate. After the first world war, because of the collapse of purchasing power and the loss of european customers the Hotel Meierhof was renamed Hotel Pension to make it more affordable.
In 1931 they built the alpine rail "Parsennbahn" and not long after it was built the ice rink and sledding in Schatzalp was developed.  All this made Davos the temple of winter sports.

Since 1898 when the first of the three Meier generations took over the oldest part of the hotel, the property has maintained the same objective, continued growth and acheivement even in the hardest of historical times.
To conserve the original name of the hotel, we wish to continue the same philosopy of growth in respect of tradition, but also modernise it little by little.  We want to create an innovative atmosphere, while creating a small window into Italy and to the art of welcoming all our guests with excellent Swiss service and rich Italian culture while maintaining the Meierhof that it has always been, a little alpine oasis, a jewel in the mist of modern and frenetic Davos.